Before clients spend money and time on implementing leadership behavior changes, a thorough assessment of the leader and/or organization needs to occur.

Leadership occurs in an organizational and team culture. What are the influences? What is the bigger picture? Lasting change begins with a careful assessment. Whether it is one day of interviews or a multi-pronged evaluation, Joy can help design assessments or work with existing organizational tools.

Leadership Training

Long-lasting growth and change occur when leaders have a chance to learn, practice, receive feedback and adjust. The North Coast Associates leadership training programs are spread out over time to maximize the long-term learning.

Joy Collins also collaborates with other consultants on leadership programs already designed by an organization.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is an exciting opportunity to work slowly and intentionally on a few key behavior shifts. Joy stresses observable, measurable change, built on internal awareness of one’s style and other strengths and weaknesses. This can make all the difference in long-term career growth for the leader and leverage major improvements in the leader’s organization or team.


Joy is an experienced, skilled facilitator who can help design and lead a strategic planning initiative or visioning process.

Additionally, she trains and facilitates in many human relations areas such as communication skills, managing priorities, diversity/inclusion, and stress management.